Chris and Gilllian have their "base camp" in Vancouver, Canada.  'Honu', our other home, moves around Europe when we are on tour.

We have traveled extensively to many different parts of the world, having also lived and worked extensively in Australia, Canada, UK and the USA.

Gilllian is retired, having taught accounting at University for over 20 years.

Chris is semi retired - his business provides higher education management consultancy.

Chris and Gill hold Canadian and Australian citizenship; and Chris also has EU citizenship.

We are keen outdoors people - skiing (alpine and back country), hiking, sailing, motorcycling, mountaineering in many parts of the world and, not least, a lifetime of cycling. We have traveled to about 42 countries over the years.

For more than a decade, we routinely traveled to Europe every year for cycling, outdoor adventure and some touristing.  We travel to other places including Australia most years and down south occasionally to take a break from winter in Canada.  Mix of photos in Europe over the past decade (pre camper).  At home we hike, ski and do some water sports.

We have spent a lot of time hiking and scrambling in the mountains in Europe and have cycled many of the Eurovelo routes and bike routes. We have logged over 40,000 kms cycling in Europe and spent a lot of days on the trail and in the mountains - the French and Swiss Alps, Dolomites , Pyrenees and the Tyrol.

Past travels in recent years in  Europe and with Honu