Armchair travels and links

Motor home travels:

Traveler links on Barry and Margaret's great site "MagBaz Travels".
More Iinks to other traveler blogs

Travel adventure sites we follow:

Christine's inspirational site of travel adventure. 

YouTube subscriptions we follow - mostly travel (in no particular order):

itchy boots          

Spain revealed

Nomad trails

Adventures of Tarka

C90 adventures

Spain  speaks

Wheels to wonder

XT adventures

 Bike touring pro

Others we think are interesting (well done / interesting enough to make the cut):

LeAw Leave Everything and Wander 

Political - Adam Curtis Documentaries

Ed Pratt 

 sailing magic carpet 

Paolo from Tokyo 

Exploring alternatives

Generally informative or useful sites for campers:

Practical motor home

Motor home forum

European Caravan Club

Places we like

Our home - Vancouver Canada      Whistler skiing

Hawaii (the big island)       Arizona

Bregenzerwald     Austrian Tyrol;    The Italian Dolomites   French Alps.

 Cycling in Germany.

And of course we really like Spain .... Doesn't everyone?