Why a camper van for Europe?

Whereas cycle touring and hiking is great, camping most of the time can get draining. Some years we were tent camping for multiple months.

When we occasionally rented or leased cars, issues like rain still presented travel problems.

Some of our best life memories are in Europe; so very early in our European travels we knew we needed to sort out some of the issues and set ourselves up for a long term engagement traveling in Europe.

Having a camper would predictably resolve a number of issues:

Campsite noise - generally OK but occasionally a real issue.  

Rain ... well, as every cyclist and traveler knows rain is a game changer - especially day after day. Now we say "rain, what rain?".

Logistics - by having  a camper Chris could set up a work station and work at times while on the road.

Freedom - Tent camping reduced our options and forced us to stay in designated areas  - not least was the cost of even a basic site.

Travel to Europe - Our flights to Europe were becoming complicated with bikes, camping gear etc.  Now everything is with Honu and we can travel light.

We guessed that a camper would open up a whole new way of traveling and freedom. And yes it has!

We spent a lot of time visiting showrooms in Europe and surfing the internet for information on campers.  We also reached out for advice to others traveling with campers (some of whom have travel blogs/ websites).

 Lots of choices and lots of options....