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We use our Samsung android phones (j7) and a 7 inch samsung tablet for all our navigation - magnet mount on the windsheid. We have a plethora of other electronic devices, a 10 in tab, laptops etc. All our maps are off line (downloaded onto our devices) We have Vodaphone sim cards for internet data and phones (Italian account) and now Europe wide with the new roaming regulations from June 2017.

Offline maps (driving, hiking, cycling, and being tourists)   Osmand

offline maps - driving     Here we go

LPG gas locator app - aligns with offline maps    MyLPG

Used sometimes (hiking/ cycling) Backcoutry nav  with opencycle maps


Campground app (locations of campsites in every European country)  Archies camping

Resources;  IOverlander

Motor home parking  areas app 1     park4night

Motor hoom purking areas app 2     All moterhome parkings

Motor home parking areas app 3   Camper stop

Motor home parking areas app 4    RV camping finder

Motor home parking areas app 5 Campervan pro

Motorhome  dealers (service) app  Camper pro

bike route maps app downloads -  Biroto routes and tours for multi-day bicycle touring

(note if you use Osmand you need to 'drop' the info and GXP routes into the 'track' folder file)


faster fix for your tab or phone:  GPS fix
Skype - used for phone calls and skype calls.
VPN (for BBC, ITV etc)  -   Android   touchVPN   PC   Windscribe
BBC Iplayer
Kindle app (books and newspapers) -    Kindle
podcast app -     Podkicker (pro)   BBC daily news feeds, the economist etc
weather app -   accuweather
overdrive (download books from your library)
Music - music player